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HYFVE : [noun] : pronounced - high five
A gesture of celebration, a gesture you do when you see something amazing in fashion or greeting in which two people slap each other’s open palm with their arms raised.

Established in 2001, HYFVE was under the main brand name, DOUBLE ZERO, leading the fast fashion wholesale industry. With highly motivated staff members, we ultimately established our company to be one of the top tier brands in Los Angeles fashion district.

Now with four different UNIQUE brands that represent each individual trend and design, we continuously strive to give the best look and quality that the customers truly desires.

Our HYFVE family members all have one dream, one goal, one vision. That is to be the #1 leader in fashion.

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#HYFVE – Young contemporary better line
#FASHION ON EARTH – Bohemian, Trendy gypsy line
#DOUBLE ZERO – Elevated Basics
#FIESTAR – High fashion sexy line with the new added better active line
1015 CROCKER St #Q-28, LOS ANGELES, CA 90021, United States
Tel: 323-234-6000 (Ext : 2)