HYFVE Trade Shows

Upcoming Show Schedule

MAGIC Nashville 5/16/22 - 5/17/22 #732,736

Atlanta Apparel 6/8/22 - 6/10/22 #5-520-540

Dallas Market 6/14/22 - 6/17/22 #12-1401

Atlanta Apparel 8/2/22 - 8/4/22 #5-240 - 540

Dallas Market 8/23/22 - 8/26/22 #12-1401

In our continuous effort to engage with customers and listen to their voices, HYFVE has been participating and exhibiting in

all major fashion trade shows including ATLANTA APPAREL, DALLAS APPAREL, ASD MARKET WEEK, and WWDMAGIC

events. Working closely with our customers is the key to accessing the utmost trendy sources in the market and providing

seamless quality to our end buyers.

Please send an email to 'showteam@hyfve.com' if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

We sincerely do appreciate your business and look forward to meeting you soon.