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Fashionable & High Quality Face Masks At Wholesale Prices

Purchase from HYFVE When You Become a Wholesaler


HYFVE is now producing high-quality, fashionable face masks made in our factories in Korea designed to be washable and reusable. These face coverings meet and exceed all of the current mandates for facial coverings in metropolitan areas. Order yours today when you sign up as a HYFVE Wholesaler.


At HYFVE, we require minimum orders of 10 and offer pricing under $5.00 per mask for all of our premium high-quality 3D designs. Purchase them for much less when you choose our basic colors — leaving plenty of room to offer discounts to those in need. Fill out the form below and get approved in 24 hours to start purchasing high-quality, fashionable masks at wholesale prices from HYFVE today.


During this time of uncertainty, face masks have become a necessity all over the world. When you become a fashion wholesaler with HYFVE, you can purchase fashionable masks at wholesale prices for your space. Stay safe and stay healthy with our assortment of masks with high-quality 3D designs, or purchase our basic, colored masks for much less. At HYFVE, we are committed to providing quality products to all of our wholesale customers with fast shipping, no inventory issues, monthly promotions, and more. Join the HYFVE movement and purchase your fashionable face masks when you become a wholesaler today.

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